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Wigzi: The Namesake

StartFragmentWe recently received an email from Emily Browning, a blogger and urban farmer, who rescues dogs and wanted to tell us a story about how she named her new pup after us. Below is her letter to us. Make sure to check out the link to her blog for the touching story of Wigzi's rescue!

I just wanted to write and tell you a funny story.....

Meet Wigzi!

Several weeks ago I received a Bark Box in the mail, and I was so excited to open it but was on my way to save a little dog who had been running as a stray and was finally captured. I put my Bark Box on the floor of my car, and picked up my rescue partner and she was excited to see the box too. She opened it while I was driving and we instantly loved the Pocket Bone that came in the box (Love those toys that keep the dogs occupied!) and we both remarked on how cute the name Wigzi was. When we picked up the little dog and were driving back home we were discussing what we should name the new little pooch (We rescue 75 dogs a year and are always looking for great names...), and as we looked at his crazy wiry hair we both laughed and said "Wigzi" that the same time! So "Wigzi" it is, after your company. He has been a challenge, and due to the severity of his abuse/lack of socialization I am not sure he will ever be a normal dog but we are sure going to try! He loves that Pocket Bone that came in the Bark Box, and just about has it whooped. He chews on it, flips it all around, licks out the peanut butter that we stuff it with, and I'm not gonna lie he has made my Jack Russell CRAZY with it. We are going to purchase a second one soon!) Thank you for a great product! It is durable, keeps him busy and has been a great outlet for a lot of his nervous energy. Best, Emily and Wigzi at Lost & Found K9 Rescue

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