Behind the Scenes

We feel every company should have the hit tv show "How It's Made" document their processes for all to see. We have so much fun in our factory and have the best relationships with all the staff. Here are some inside photos of the Wigzi team in action.

How Wigzi Dog Leashes Are Made

Our dog leashes are hand made with very little automation. Every screw and every part is carefully assembled and tested to ensure each Wigzi customer gets the best. If you ever have an issue, we simply replace the product without a lot of red tape. Returns should be easy; you can always count on Wigzi for the best products and customer service. 

Nathan Chefetz in China at the Wigzi Factory

Quality Craftsmanship

We like to visit our factory in China during every major production run. This gives us the opportunity to build on our existing relationships with each person involved in every step of the manufacturing process, validate quality, and continuously look for ways to improve. At the end of the day, our people are responsible for the high quality of craftsmanship that Wigzi customers depend on. 
dual doggie parts for Wigzi two dog leash

Expert Leash Assembly

Only the best parts make it here to our final assembly stations. Each part we produce is designed by experienced autoCAD experts and mechanical engineers. Due to our high quality Wigzi is able to offer one of the best warranties in the pet products industry.
factory owners with Wigzi quality leash webbing

Durable Materials

​Choosing the appropriate fiber types is something that our customers may not notice, but is important for optimal use. Mother nature and daily use put a lot of stress on our products so using the best materials like our abrasion resistant nylon tape means a longer-lasting leash. Our factory owner and son (pictured above) take great pride in bringing Wigzi the best materials available. We've been best friends for more than 12 years.
Wigzi testing machine like flexi leash retraction revolutions

Tested For Safety

Testing is crucial to understanding the limits of our products. We've increased our product capabilities year after year and test results have proven their success. In the photo above you can see our newest spring going through repeated retraction testing. The testing was a great success with more than 150,000 retractions. We love earning high marks in all our testing, but what's most important to us is knowing our customers continue to use Wigzi products with confidence for years to come.

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