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Created by two friends:


Nathan Chefetz and Cade Goldenberg, co-founders of Wigzi, became friends after several run-ins while walking their dogs Sonny and Wyatt. It didn't take long for Nathan and Cade to realize that both shared a passion for innovation and problem-solving, and what better inspiration than the dogs who brought them together? They channeled their business education backgrounds, and the ideas started flowing. Within a few months, neighbors and dogs began to share in the enthusiasm and encouraged Nathan and Cade to start a pet products company. They decided to take the plunge in 2007 and Wigzi was officially born.


Wigzi has evolved into today's thriving pet leash enterprise, but it initially began as a pet toy products company. Wigzi is now focused its expertise on the dog leash market and absolutely love it. Each product is invented, designed and tested in the USA and made in China.


Wigzi is 100% committed to quality and innovative leashes for your pup. Our leashes are of the highest quality with customers' and pups' needs in mind. We will continue to impress you with great innovations for years to come.


Double Dog Leash by Wigzi

Nathan Chefetz

Nathan is passionate about developing new pet products that solve problems and appeal to the masses. There's nothing more exciting for him than seeing a new customer enjoying one of Wigzi's  innovative products.

Retractable Dog Leash by Wigzi


Sonny was the original inspiration behind Wigzi, and

to this day he continues testing new ideas.  Sonny also continues to stand in front of the fridge hoping food will come his way.


While Wyatt is no longer with us, his memory is a driving force behind Cade's love of the pet industry. Wally, a King Shepherd like Wyatt, has taken over Wyatt's duties and hopes that Wigzi will soon invent the "meat leash".

Cade Goldenberg

Cade's dedication to his pets, along with his love for design and development of innovative products, is what drives him every day. Cade loves to hear from customers, so drop him a line on our Contact Us page!

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