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Dual Doggie's Smooth Spinning Action Prevents Tangles.

Exploring Together

Enjoy the incredible feeling of walking two dogs while holding a liquid filled gel handle. Let the built-in coupler do the hard work of untangling automatically so you can focus on enjoying  your walk. We guarantee less tangles and more fun on those walks with your pups. Each leash is durable and reflective for high visibility at night. You'll be impressed with the quality of this leash and covered by our two year warranty. The liquid gel inside is non-toxic for the safety of you and your pet. 

  • 4.5 foot leads for each dog

  • Reflective rope for high visibility

  • Automatically untangles while you walk

  • Reduces hand fatigue over long walks

Available Colors

$27.99 Small MSRP

$29.99 Md/Lg MSRP

US PATENTS #9095125 #D765319

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